Your exact positions are totally invisible to other users.


You can block a user and signal undesirable behaviour at any moment during your experience.


You can choose to appear partially visible to other users by hiding your profile picture and name


No publication will be posted on your Linkedin and Facebook wall without your authorisation

Trust @ MySphere

Thousands of professionals use MySphere today to network and meet inspiring professionals. These professionals trust MySphere to securely store their files and provide secure access to their company's data.

Security Features

  • Data encryption in transit and in storage
  • Weekly vulnerability analyzes and annual penetration tests
  • Full backup encrypted every 24 hours
  • PCI-DSS standard and certified data protection shield


For more information about the services, policies, processes and procedures in place to make MySphere – Instant Networking a reliable and secure service for all our users, visit the Operations and Security page.


We make sure that MySphere – Instant Networking is always available.

You have a security breach to report?

Please send your report to and our security team will do it as soon as possible.

Legal notice and confidentiality

Our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy state what you agree to when using MySphere – Instant Networking. They also include the procedures implemented to ensure that your information is handled responsibly and in accordance with applicable data protection and privacy laws. We thank you for your trust and we will continue to act accordingly.